From ASD Diagnosis to Enrollment

Receiving an autism diagnosis is a life-altering experience for any family. However, we believe autism can be managed through early intervention and ABA therapy protocols. We give families hope their child can live successful and independent lives. We’re here to help!

My Child May Have Autism Spectrum Disorder

If you suspect your child may have autism spectrum disorder, you should consider having them evaluated by a clinical psychologist as soon as possible. Do not delay. Early intervention is key to success. Many diagnostic providers have lengthy waiting lists. Autism ETC provides diagnostic evaluation services. Click below to register your child for a diagnostic evaluation.

*Tennessee Locations Only

During the Evaluation

Our psychologist will meet with your family to gather background information and hear your concerns in order to prepare your child for the ADOS-2. This non-invasive test is considered the gold standard for diagnosing autism.

It is a play-based assessment that provides the psychologist an opportunity to observe any symptoms of autism as your child interacts socially, communicates, and plays. Most children enjoy the assessment! 

Following the assessment, the psychologist will meet with the family to give feedback on the diagnosis, answer questions, and discuss next steps. The entire appointment usually takes two to three hours.

My Family Has Just Received An Autism Diagnosis

Many providers have lengthy waiting lists, so we recommend not to delay seeking services. Early intervention is the key to success. Whether you choose Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Therapy or one of the many other options geared to combat the symptoms of autism – early intervention is the key to success.

Enroll Today!

Our goal is to prepare children with autism to enter the school system for the first time or to equip children for whom school was not a good fit with the necessary skills to return to the typical school environment. We strive to help each child realize their fullest potential.